The Holiness Messenger

June - August 2004 Newsletter

Hope for the Home Ministries
Missionaries to the American Indians

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus! We pray that all is well with you. We are so grateful to be able to report to you that “God is faithful.” Be encouraged today by reading 2 Timothy 4:17-18.

Our most recent travels took us out to the East coast where we met new friends. God allowed us to be a part of His mighty move in the Holiness Convention at Export, PA. It was there that our oldest son, Jason, heard and answered the call to preach!!! The Gary Edenfields in VA testified that God really helped them and their church. Bro. Joseph Chambers in Charlotte, NC gave us a warm welcome. We were privileged to meet another fellowship of holiness people in South Carolina, the Freewill Baptist of the Pentecostal Faith. Supt. Greg Cannon and Bro. Ray Hutto were especially gracious to invite us to preach in their churches. As I prayed with a young boy dedicating himself to the Lord, it reminded me of God’s hand upon me as a youth. I pray that the fruit will remain, and the dedication will be perpetuated. In OK, a woman forgave those whom she had decided to sue. God is working!!

Pastor Ted Muckelvaney welcomed us to preach in his Edisto Indian church, the Givhans Pentecostal Holiness Church, near Ridgeville, SC. These people really get in and have church!! There is a strong Pentecostal influence among the Indian tribes in North and South Carolina. We were also invited to come back at a later time and minister in some of the Lumbee Indian churches.

We want to wish all of you mothers and fathers a Special day of honor. In a day when foundational family values are being severely attacked, let us maximize the joy of obedience to God’s command: “HONOR THY FATHER AND THY MOTHER.” Our daughter, Janae, wrote a beautiful poem about her mother entitled, “A Mother of Excellence”. It is available to you upon request.

We are so grateful for churches and individuals who have “laded us with such things as are necessary” for our summer ministry in Alaska. If the Lord will, we will leave Texas tomorrow, May 21, and return about August 6. Please pray for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit, as God has put it into our hearts to focus our efforts on those villages with no church. ESPECIALLY PRAY FOR CIRCLE, AK. God has miraculously intervened for this village, and we want to build upon that. Be looking for our next letter with reports and pictures of this extensive missions effort. Please pray for our traveling safety. One pastor suggested that every time you see an RV, be reminded to pray for us!!

Thanks again to all of you who have so faithfully prayed and sacrificially given to send us to the dear souls who are awaiting God’s Word. May God supply all your need.

At His feet,
The James & Carol Martin family