The Holiness Messenger

Mission Report August 2005


Greetings to all,

Arrived back in Taiwan! God is truly good! Had a safe trip, although the flight was delayed in Japan due to a lightening storm, but only for a short time. I'm trying to overcome the jet-lag now. I preached both services here on Sunday after arriving around 2:00am on Sunday morning. But the Lord gave me strength. Pray for our church, the summer always brings struggles and weariness among the people. Bro. Justin Callahan, a recent graduate from Ozark Bible Institute, flew back with me to begin work. Everything is new for him, keep him in your prayers. We will be buying him an air conditioner soon for his room, since the sub-tropic humidity is more than you can bear sometimes! I just want to thank all the churches that helped support Asian Trinity Holiness Missions while I was home. Thanks for all you do and for all your prayers for us her! e! I am in the process of trying to get a mission board set up soon, where hopefully, we can eventually be tax deductible... which will help contributors as well as us. Great news: My brother-in-law and sister, Bro. Tommy and Sis. Roberta Stephens are planning a trip probably sometime in January of 2006, to Taiwan. They have felt the burden to come and preach a revival for us. Our church people are excited... I am looking forward to it. Please pray for them that the finances will be provided for them for this trip. I'll update you all again later on our work here! God bless you all!

In Christ's service,

Bro. Eric Hall

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