The Holiness Messenger

Missionary Eric D. Hall


Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

Easter season has come again the time when we celebrate our risen Lord and Saviour! The Lord is risen and coming again! Today was Easter Sunday service. We all met at the church at around 9 am and travelled to the ocean (the Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and Mainland China) where we had our Easter and baptismal service. The Lord allowed us to baptize 7 more souls that have come into His kingdom! Trinity Holiness Church of Taichung Taiwan is growing...Glory be to our God and Saviour! We begin to sing "What can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus" and "Because He lives" and "Lamb of God" and others.... as we sang our little church begin to worship the Risen Saviour! Tears began to flow as the Holy Ghost moved among us. As the 7 begin to share their testimonies about how they had come from idol worshipping homes into Christianity and the peace they had felt in their souls... one even had wanted to commit suicide at one point. As they all testified and shared their experiences many hearts were moved as we could clearly see the change on these young lives. Ages ranging from 19 to around 25 years old... these young people have made a decision that will affect them for the rest of their lives... A testimony to the world, being baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son, Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost, that they will live for Him, the Risen One! I want to say that I appreciate all your prayers for the work here in Taiwan we, through out this past year and during this year, have seen a great move of God and a revival spirit like I have never seen in this country before. I have seen a hunger in these young peoples hearts. It will soon be a full year since I have even visited America but the longer I am here the work there is and the more of a burden and love God has given me. I remember a message I heard Bro. Jimmy Jon Millikin preach one time, "Is it a Burden or a Priviledge to Work for God?" That message stuck with me. Sometimes things are not easy in the ministry but it's always worth it and it is truly a priviledge and not a burden to work for God! Trinity Holiness Church has had God's hand upon it and we are looking forward to what all God has in store for us. I hope to visit the states for some iteneration possibly during the month of August. Keep me and the work here in your prayers. I have an invitation to preach on an Island off the coast of Taiwan. It is called Lan-Yu or Orchid Island. The people there are mostly native aboriginal people and many are demon-possessed due to their worship of ghosts and evil spirits. We hope to make a trip there sometime in the beginning of the summer if the Lord will allow. Please pray for this endeavor. Recently the Lord has answered many prayers for me. With the new computer that was donated I can more easily do church work as well as my newsletters! Also I had recently prayed that God would help me to get another motorscooter somehow since mine was not in good shape. Someone gave me a larger scooter without any cost... I had to pay some to get it fixed but it was worth it and I want to thank God for the scooter! Different ones have donated money and sometimes I don't know who you all are for it goes into my bank account in America and I use it as I have needs... but I want to thank each and every one of you and all the churches for monthly support. Without it missionary work would be very difficult indeed! But God is always faithful and I thank you sincerely for giving to this work for I know the Lord will bless each one that gives and prays to help further the gospel message so that we might reach the unreached! We are still asking for someone with a burden to contact us here if you are interested in a short term missions trip or willing to even commit to a longer term here in Taiwan Trinity Holiness Missions. Please contact me via e-mail or by calling me. The church here in Taichung does have a need. We are needing new chairs for our church. We have used the ones we have until they are about "used" out! If anyone would like to donate to this need just let me know via e-mail and I will tell you how to donate... or you also can mail a letter to me to Taiwan and I will get back with you promptly. My address in Oklahoma is used only for support. The mailing address here is simply for any other mail that you might want to mail, excluding support. Once again thank you all for allowing me to be a Holiness missionary to the uttermost parts of the Earth! God bless you all.

Bro. Eric Hall (support address)
222 Blvd. Du LAC
Norman OK 73071 USA

(Taiwan Mailing address) Bro. Eric Hall
17 Chien Chung St.
East Area
Taichung City Taiwan R.O.C.

phone: 011886931164751 or 011886424862716