The Holiness Messenger

Missionary Eric D. Hall


Greetings in the name of Jesus! Maranatha! March 8, 2004

Things are going well here in Trinity Holiness Church of Taichung, Taiwan. It is good to be in God's will! Things have become busier and busier it seems like lately. Prayers have been answered in so many ways. I recently received news from a church in Arkansas that they were going to buy me a computer! It is defintely an answer to prayer. I had never been able to afford one, but now thank the Lord!!!-- it sure will help in the church work here!

We have seen powerful moves of God lately still, in our services. Sometimes I stand amazed as I watch God work. Recently one of the missionaries was sick, we prayed for her and she was healed. God is so good! One of our new converts that had gotten saved and filled with the Holy Ghost last year has felt called to preach. He preached his first time in our church about 3 weeks ago! He did a wonderful job, the Lord really helped him! I was thrilled to see someone who used to worship idols, stand up behind the pulpit and exhort from God's word about the goodness of Jesus Christ! When God changes a life He does a good job! Sometimes here in Taiwan the work is not easy, the converts are often few. The people here are very learned and sometimes it is difficult to get them to accept a "new religion". Especially since Christianity is a very emotional religion. That is a very difficult thing for Chinese people to show much emotion. Very reserved people, similar to American Indian thinking, they sometimes have a hard time accepting the moving of the Spirit here. But God has taken some of our newest converts and made them a powerhouse, full of the Holy Ghost! We still have a few that need to be filled, Johnny, medical college student has been coming now for 7 months and he really has a hunger for God and wants to be filled. Please pray that God will fill him with the Holy Ghost. We plan soon to have another baptismal service. We have 2 young people who we plan to baptize. Just to see one convert here is almost a miracle and God has given us several! I don't know how you would feel if you saw some that you witnessed to get saved. But when I see these people who before, were idol worshippers, and maybe for their very first time heard the gospel, when God allowed me to be able to be the messenger to spread the news of our Lord, I am overwhelmed with joy until tears often roll down my cheeks as I reflect on all God has done here! Keep us in your prayers here, for we need them. Spiritual warfare is never easy.... easier only when people bind together and pray! We still need workers here desperately! I am once again asking if any young man.... who is full of the Holy Ghost is willing to help even for short term. Please contact me via e-mail or just call me... make sure you use a Wal-mart or Sam's club calling card... or is will cost you an arm and a leg to call here without international calling on your phone. My e-mail is and my phone number, if you call from America is 011 886 9 3116 4751. We really need someone to help us this summer if at all possible. If a young lady is interested in helping here you may also contact me for the harvest is truly ripe but the laborers are so few! I want to thank all of you so much for your support, without it, it would almost be impossible. I want to especially thank Junction Hill Pentecostal church where Bro. Dwaine Galiher is the pastor in West Plains, MO. They took me on for monthly support as one of their missionaries. I am honored beyond words. I recently started language school again and the cost is great. But without it, I can not do what I need to do. Although I can speak the language for conversation, it takes many years to actually really master this language. It is said it takes up to 10 years of language school to actually master this extremely difficult language. Please pray for me that God will help me in that area, I still see my lack so much in communication especially in ministry areas, Chinese is very, very difficult. But I know God is able to do anything! Until next time... God bless and keep us all! Addresses are below for any contact.

011886931164751 phone#

Bro. Eric Hall

Addresses below:

American Support: c/o Christopher Baker 222 Blvd. Du Lac Norman OK 73072 USA
Taiwan Mail: East Area Chien Chung St. # 17 Taichung Taiwan R.O.C.