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Missionary Eric D. Hall


Greetings from Trinity Holiness Church of Taichung Taiwan...

As most of you know, we have been looking desperately for a building. We found a place this past week, but cannot move until we negotiate the price and the inside must have work done. They want around $2000 US dollars per month for rent. There is no way our church can afford to pay that kind of rent. We are praying that they will cut the price at least in half and also fix up the inside for us. As of right now it is just an empty shell on the second floor of a tall building and also has room for restrooms and an office downstairs and an entryway. But it is all simply gray cement right now with wires hanging all through it and pipes... it looks pretty rough... but as we looked at it, I had a picture in my mind of what it can look like if the Lord will provide it for us and they lady and young man that were showing it to us, said the company that owns the building will fix the inside to! make it look like a rentable place if we want to rent. But we are concerned about the price... PLEASE help us pray. I know when Holiness people pray God hears them! Please help us pray that God will allow them to cut the price and let us still move in! It is a desperate plea for God's help. We need your prayers we need God to move for us on this behalf! We are running out of room at our church and we desperately need a different place. Pray that if it is God's will that He will work in this situation and make it affordable for our church to rent, plus be able to be fixed inside. Thank you all! God bless.

Bro. Eric Hall

Bro. Eric Hall
Sis. Jennifer Simpson
Sis. Jennifer Dissmore
Sis. Gloria Wilson
Sis. Megan Wang
Sis. Gail Bechtol
Bro. Justin Callahan

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