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Recently, March 7, I visited Bro. Hisel Carpenter's church in Richmond, IN and told them of my recent testimony concerning my VISA with India. I had applied for a 10 year multiple entry VISA to India, feeling impressed of the Lord to do so. I have always secured a one year VISA before, with only 1 entry for 6 months. I felt for some reason, God had other plans. I sent my VISA application off, expecting not to hear anything for at least months. About 7 days later, I was working in my yard when the mail man pulled into my drive. What mail could he be bringing! I looked at the Express Mail package and much to my amazement the return address was "The General Consulate of India, New York City". I stood there dumb?founded and amazed; awe struck. It was nearly impossible for the mail to reach New York, go through all the checks and verification for VISA approval, and then return again. I opened the package and looked, it was my passport with a 10 year multiple entry to India: approved. There in my yard with the passport in my hand, I felt the presence of God: "There is a purpose for all this". God had given me an opened door, greater then I had ever imagined. I told the congregation that I believed part of the purpose was that I would have to make short missions trip, "hit and run" tactics. I needed to write Bro. Rao and let him know what God had been speaking to my heart about. I was planning to return to India in April or early May, and knew that he would want me to stay as long as possible. I was praying that the Lord would help me find the right words so Bro. Rao could understand that I would not be able to fulfill his desire.

However, before I could write Bro. Rao, he wrote me: God had been speaking to his heart thousands of miles away. He wrote and told me how in our home state of Andhra Pradesh, the government has now made it illegal for foreigners to preach the gospel. They are not even allowed to attend the worship services. He told how the Hindus had stormed churches, beat pastors, burned bibles, and at one church 10 women were pulled outside and demanded to renounce Christ. When they refused, a barber was brought and all the women were shaved bald.

The parliamentary elections in India are now approaching. A Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, who is considered a Christian (Roman Catholic), is running for Prime Minister. The Hindus are encouraging their youth to attack Christians. Also, the Naxhilites are warning anyone who attends the elections will be killed. Several politicians have been murdered and many people are afraid to vote. Because of all this, it is a hornets' nest. Some pastors have left their church in the villages and are migrating to the cities. Many pastors are at their wits end.

For such a time as this? There is a purpose

Because of these atrocities, 150 pastors have come together and formed a pastors' fellowship; "Tadepalligudem Zone Pastors Fellowship". The fellowship has appointed a 3 man committee to lead; all are heads of missions. Bro. Rao is one of these three, he has been elected vice President. They are coming together each month in order to file grievance with the courts concerning their constitutional rights and to gather strength from one another. This fellowship of Pastors will be meeting next month at Good Shepherd Holiness Church headquarters in Tadepalligudem. I will be speaking to this group of men. We will hold a 3 day meeting at the premises; local pastors will be appointed to speak. Bro. Rao has stated that he will not print any posters and will keep confidential my name and country. After the local pastors preach, unannounced to the public, I will speak. He stated that after the 3 day meeting I will need to leave soon; news travel quickly. I will probably not be able to visit any villages in the jungles because of the hostilities with the Naxhilites.God has given us, the Holiness Pentecostal people, an opening to impact this country. These people are fighting for their very existence. God, in his providence has given us this golden opportunity. I will try not to let it slip by. Your prayers and financial support are much needed and apprecated at this time. I believe the Lord will protect and bless these meetings. The Lord has given me favor amongst these people and the pastors are needing encouragement. I will be traveling alone, please pray for my wife and children while I'm gone.

"Lord send me anywhere, only go thou with me." David Livingstone
God bless, Bro. Jimmy Collins

Missionary Jimmy Collins
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