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Missionaries within the Holiness Movement

Jimmy and Lisa, Gabrielle, Kayla and Heather Collins
Missionaries to India

Good Shepherd Holiness Ministries is an independant holiness mission operating primarily in Southern India. We have at present 29 pastors, pastoring approxiamtily 50 churches in the mountains of India. The territory is controlled by a group of rebels called Naxilites. We also have 36 widows that we support each month. When a women in India loses her husband, her children will cast her into the streets to live and beg for food. We are building schools, churches, and digging wells for the villages as the Lord provides. We are also praying about starting an orphanage. My home church is The Highway of Holiness in Hamilton, Ohio, Pastor L L Collins

My home address is:
James Collins
7759 E. State Rt. 73
Waynesville, Ohio 45068