“BEWARE!  There May Be A Thief Living In Your House!”



ATTENTION PARENTS! In London, England, the father of a sixteen-year-old boy told a juvenile court that the lad, after doing nothing but watching television for nearly eight months, “has been reduced to the state of a zombie.”  The father confessed that the boy was “beyond control.”

     Television is damaging the brain cells of millions of children throughout the world, according to one of Spain’s leading pediatricians.

     “The sight modulation of most children under the age of five is not equipped to cope with the dazzling brightness and vibrations of a television program,” says Dr. Manuel Suarez Perdeguero, president of the Spanish Pediatrics Association.

     Suarez says that tests in his pediatrics department at Seville have shown that a child’s brain cells and vision can be permanently impaired if he is exposed to television at an early age.

     “The damage to the cells is both structural and chemical,” he says, explaining that the cells undergo a change in their structure and chemical make-up which, though slight, definitely effects the child’s normal intellectual development.

     A child is left with a picture imprinted upon the mind which works only one way.  The picture – usually one of violence or tragedy – lingers in the child’s mind without being processed, because the child is incapable of clear thought or constructive imagination.

     The light waves, moreover, damage the child’s sight cells, and can leave a permanent distortion if the child does not comprehend the picture.

     Even more detrimental than this is the spiritual effect that television has upon our youth.

     Robert Lieber, professor of psychology at New York State University, speaking before the Ontario Royal Commission on violence in the communications industry, stated that “the cumulative effect of violent television programming might be liked to the planting of a bomb which might explode over a period of ten to twenty years.”

     “Every murder or violent act a child witnesses on TV is like a small, even a minuscule weight placed on the balance.”  He said no psychologist would be able to guarantee that eventually the balance might not tip, triggering violent acts on the part of individuals who previously appeared normal.

     Dr. Lieber also stated that by the time a child reaches the teen-age years, he or she will have witnessed the violent destruction of 13,400 individuals on television.

     Amazingly enough, people sit back, let the television baby sit their children, and then wonder why our country is in the shape it’s in today.  How foolish!  Let us wake up and realize that TV is nothing but a tool of Satan to destroy our home, community, and nation.  People are crying for “gun control,” and at the same time are letting evil thoughts and ideas drift into their children’s minds as they spend a “wonderful family night” in front of the television. In order to prevent another Littleton, Colorado, we must start now by adopting some things and dismissing some things.  We must adopt Prayer and Bible reading, and we must dismiss Television and the Demon that lives within it! If this thief called TV is living in your house, please take action to dismiss it before it steals your child’s mind!