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holiness books by Shirley Savage

    O’ Daniel, My Son
    Written from a mother’s heart, using the story of Daniel as a foundation. You can feel the pain Sis. Savage experienced after losing her son.

    Leaving a LegacyLeaving A Legacy (available in paperback only)
    Women of experience—expressing their feelings, weaknesses, and victories, write this book. Not all great women of faith are extinct. This book is written to encourage you, to leave a Legacy for others to benefit from. Sis. Savage tells how her husband was kidnapped just two weeks before they were married. She also tells of how God was so close to them when their son was murdered. You will hear how it feels to evangelize in a “Fish Bowl”: from the Missionary Wife: and the Influence of Trust: and Through the Eyes of a Preacher’s Kid. Leaving a Legacy is packed full of goodies!

Sis Shirley Savage
Sis Shirley Savage

    Men With A Message - Volume I
    Men With A Call - Volume II
    Men With A Vision - Volume III

    Volume I, II, and III is a collection of sermons preached by our holiness ministers. Few resources were written and published by Holiness people in recent years. The Lord Jesus intended for His church to be Victorious, Strong, and Lasting. That is why God called and sent preachers. Within these pages you will hear from Men filled with Faith, Power, and the Holy Ghost. You will be blessed by the faith-building messages. Men with convictions, passions, and faith—proclaiming Pentecost!

    Men With A Message - Volume I
    Rev. David Beam
    Rev. Neil Bridges
    Rev. Aaron Brock
    Rev. Ralph Cox
    Rev. Gary Edenfield
    Rev. Joey Hight
    Rev. Ralph Horton
    Rev. James Powers
    Rev. Don Rich
    Rev. L. D. Savage
    Rev. Lloyd Shoecraft
    Rev. James Suits
    Rev. Mike Switzer
    Rev. Tommy Toliver
    Rev. Randy Webb
    Rev. William Wyatt

    Men With A Call - Volume II
    Rev. Ronnie Baker
    Rev. Glen Brasher
    Rev. Claude Ely
    Rev. John Gabbard
    Rev. Lynn Head
    Rev. David Horton
    Rev. Ralph Lowery
    Rev. Shad McDonald
    Rev. Bill Parks
    Rev. Ryan Ralston
    Rev. Ben Shaw
    Rev. Rick Simpson
    Rev. Lee Strickler
    Rev. Curtis Teague
    Rev. William Tinsley

    Men With A Vision - Volume III
    Rev. William Addis
    Rev. Charles Barnett
    Rev. Richard Binkley
    Rev. G. W. Birdsong
    Rev. Rufus Caraway
    Rev. Daniel Dean
    Rev. Alvin Dovel
    Rev. Dwain Galiher
    Rev. Bob Holden
    Rev. Mike Maxon, Jr.
    Rev. Russell McDonald
    Rev. David Miller
    Rev. Gerald Skagg, Jr.
    Rev. Bennie Sutherland
    Rev. Keith Vaughn
    Rev. Kevin Webster

    Paperback Books - $10.00
    Hardcover Books - $20.00
    Autographed Hardcover Books - $30.00

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